EVHS Remote Learning Orientation Events

If you need assistance accessing Schoology, click on Staff on the right side of the page and contact any of our EVHS staff members.  They can assist you with connecting with your classes!
August 18: Principal's Virtual Welcome
Students - please log in to Schoology for attendance purposes today.  Be sure to log in, make sure that you have your 4 class periods and an advisory class in period H or L (one of these, not both).
Please use the link below to join a Zoom webinar hosted by Principal De Santiago.
Principal's Virtual Welcome - Orientation to the 2020-21 School Year
Tuesday, August 18 @ 1:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking on the Zoom icon below:

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August 19: Teacher Virtual Meet & Greet
Students - please log in to Schoology for attendance purposes today.  
Please check each of your class periods in Schoology to meet your teachers!  Information and instructions on how to meet your teachers online will be posted on each class page.
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August 20: Regular Schedule Begins
Students - please log in to Schoology and follow the bell schedule below.  You will need to sign in at the beginning of each period for live instruction. 
Time for class
Classes will meet for live online instruction at the start of each listed class period.  Be sure that you are online and in your classes on time to maximize your learning opportunities.