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Enrollment, Schedule Pick Up & Tech Devices

Hello EVHS 9th – 12th Grade Students!


As the school year is about to start, we are scheduling time for you to come to campus to take care of important items.  On Thursday, August 6 through Tuesday, August 11, 2020, you will be allowed to enter campus to:


  • Turn in completed enrollment packets.
  • Pick up class schedule for online instruction/remote learning.
  • Pick up and/or request Computer or Hotspot Device for online instruction. You may also return damaged devices at this time. Please note that if you received a computer device from the previous school you attended, you will need to return it to them for their inventory.
  • Pick up all textbooks and/or instructional materials needed.


  1.  For safety measures, only 10 students will be allowed on campus at a time. Arrive at the time that you are assigned, complete all actions, and exit campus as quickly as possible.
  2. Arriving after your assigned time is not an option. You will be denied entry.  CLICK YOUR GRADE LEVEL ON THE RIGHT FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME.
  3. Only students will be admitted at their appointment times. You must wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose in order to enter campus. It is highly recommended that you also wear gloves.
  4. You must follow strict social distancing protocols. At all times, you must remain at least 6 feet away from any employee or student on campus. 
  5. Students must enter through the Main Office. Parents and guests are not allowed to enter campus, and there will be street parking only.

Procedures: Students should complete the following activities in the order as listed below.

  1. Enter through the main office and check in for your appointment.
  2. Follow posted protocols.
  3. Return completed enrollment packets.
  4. Go to the College and Career Center to pick up Class Schedule.
  5. Pick up computer device or request hotspot device at outside window of Main Office. Exchange damaged device, if needed.
  6. Get student username/password and Parent Portal pin numbers, if needed (outside MO window).
  7. Exit through the Main Office.
We appreciate your cooperation as we work to maintain a safe environment for students and staff.